Athletics Pathway

This page provides a general overview of what is available for athletes of different ages in Taranaki. There may be some crossover in what is available between ages so this is by no means set in stone. If you have any questions about what is available, please contact our Development Officer.


What’s Available



2 - 6

Most athletics clubs in Taranaki currently provide some programme for this age group. This is generally based on the Get Set Go programme and takes the form of 1-2 races and a few games based on athletic movement each night. Every club differs slightly so it is best to contact them directly for more information.

There is currently no competition available for this age group in Taranaki.

7 - 9

This is where the more traditional club night begins. Children will perform a joint warm-up followed by a combination of coaching and measurement/competition in running/sprinting, long jump, discus, shotput. Clubs base these sessions on the Athletics NZ developed Run Jump Throw

Competition for this age group comes in the form of Interclub events at the TET Stadium in Inglewood and Ribbon Days held at individual clubs' home grounds. There is also the annual Colgate Games available to all athletes from age 7 - 14.

10 - 13

Similar to the above age group with the addition of high jump, javelin, triple jump (12+ only).

Same as above with the added opportunity of being selected to attend the Grade 12/13 Interprovincials.

14 - 19

At this age, while still being involved in club nights, most athletes start receiving coaching outside of club nights in their preferred discipline(s). The majority of coaches are based in Hawera and New Plymouth - a list of whom can be found HERE.

At the age of 14 athletes are able to be selected for the U16/U18 Interprovincials as well as attend the majority of Track and Field events held around the country. These include, but are not limited to the Classics SeriesNZ Track and Field Champs*, Central League etc.

20 - 34

Once athletes turn 20 they are classed as a senior in the New Zealand system. Club nights are generally used for time trials/practice throws/competition. Senior athletes often work with a coach outside of club night.

Same as above with the exception of U16/U18 Interprovincials.


Same as above except at the age of 35.

Masters athletes can attend the majorirty of Senior Track and Field events around the country as well as a large number of exclusively master’s events.

*Please see our selection criteria for details on how to be selected for the Taranaki team to attend the New Zealand Track and Field Championships.

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